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'Old Chords'

Named one of the best releases of 2022 by: BluesBlues - Scotland, Roy Brown's Groove Machine

'Let's Make a King:

Named one of the top ten albums of 2020 by: 

The Rocking Magpie Radio Show Top 10 North American Albums of 2020Rock City Magazine


"'Let's Make a King' might be one of the most compelling albums of 2020. Benjamin's songwriting, characterized by his brutal honesty, leaves nothing unsaid and when combined with superb musicianship, you get something truly special." Read full feature at:​ YHUT.

"Let’s Make a King by Benjamin Adair Murphy is a very 2020 record, topic wise, mixed with the vocal delivery of Tom Waits singing songs that sound like they were penned by 1967 Bob Dylan." Read the full feature at: Blood Makes Noise

“Benjamin Adair Murphy’s ‘Let’s Make a King’ is a prime example of why blues music is as relevant as ever…He is a BRILLIANT lyricist in that he always walks a fine line between universality and the specificity of our current times.” Read the full feature at: Bucket List Music Reviews


"It is an amazing Blues album. Murphy and his seven guest musicians have created a dozen of timeless Blues hits full of darkness, resilience and hope."  Read the full feature at: Mango Wave Reviews

"He does what all the great songwriters do and gets his point over in three minutes or less and that’s a talent." Read the full feature at: BluesBlues 

"Stupid Followed Evil is a really special song; combining the best of everything here, from the Hip-Hop melody through Zappa and Waits but distilling the very soul of Woody Guthrie in such a contemporary manner that will have them dancing in the aisle while raising a clenched fist in the air!" Read the full feature at: The Rocking Magpie

"In today's fast-paced world, many artists use their voices to shed light on what many people feel worried, questioned, puzzled, or even in the grip of a sense of incomprehension. This is what Benjamin Adair Murphy chose to do, through his latest Blues Rock album, 'Let’s Make A King'. A committed album." Read the full feature at: Alongside Nashville

"...possibly one of the best underground voices I’ve heard it a very long time."  Read full feature at: Talk Tonight Blog

"'Let’s Make A King' is a true blue blues album (say that three times) with notes of country and soul. Sonically it is true Americana, all of this made more evident by Murphy’s scratchy but endearing voice."  Read the full feature at: One Minute Reviews

"An enthralling album" Full feature print only: Blues & Co Le magazine "Autrement Blues"

5 Stars rating "jazz blues masterpiece": read full review The Music Drops 

“…a wonderful new album” “…an album of an incredible density and syncretism” Le Village Pop

Benjamin Adair Murphy's Let's Make A King takes no prisoners, from the opening track "Your Gun" to the closing " We've been waiting for the first day of summer (since the first day of fall), it's an  album that grabs your attention and takes the world by the scruff of its neck. It takes you back to the days of Dylan unleashing his electric side, yes it's that good.
Benjamin asks questions we're all thinking, but in today's climate, too scared to offer. Let's Make A King is an album I will revisit again and again, a modern-day classic
. Roy Brown's Groove Machine

"Let's Make a King is something special. I get so frustrated with contemporary blues musician trotting out the same old tired clichés, but this album, while quintessentially still a blues record, feels modern and innovative. Benjamin Adair Murphy pays homage to the greats of the past, without losing his own unique voice.  He's definitely one to watch and I'm looking forward to hearing more from Benjamin Adair Murphy." Chris Coxon - Hot & Cool, Durham OnAir

"Creating insanely sensational music with inspiration from the current world problems and leaders, Benjamin creates something that has your eyes really opening." Recommend Tunes 

“As soon as I heard 'Let's Make a King', I knew I had found what I was looking for.  The songs pack a punch and the lyrics draw you to the stories to be told.” The Warp Factor

"An amazing album." Colly D Radio Show

"I've listened to this album so many times...enjoy this musical luxury you'll find inside Let's Make a King." La Zona Electrica (Spain)

“A withering observation on the state of the United States at the moment.” All Shook Up show on IO Radio (UK)

"Si tu aimes la Country et le Classic rock ! C'est pour toi!"  Direct Actu 

Ben's music has been featured on the following radio stations and podcasts:

NBTMusicRadio (Toronto): named 'Let's Make a King' one of the top albums of the year

92.5 The River (Boston)

The Punk and Indie Show Independent Music on SLE Radio (UK)

Roy Brown's The Groove Machine (UK)

Luke Dunmore presents Schizophonic 22-02-22

Robert Sider’s Drivetime Show on Wavenery Valley Radio (UK)

Unlikely Places Radio (UK) 

Crossroads Blues Radio (Netherlands)

WhiskeyRev Presents 'The Blues Hour' on Speysound Radio (Scotland)

Cletus & Co Radio Show on ARC Radio (UK)

One Magical Hour (Austin) Episode #26 We're gonna Make a Nation

Cluck Old Hen (Montreal) Weekly Mix #16

La Zona Electrica (Spain) Programa 68

Le Village Pop (Paris)

Blues & Co Le magazine "Autrement Blues" (France) Terri'Thouars Blues - mardi 6 octobre 2020 - Erick & Co

La Zona Eléctrica (Spain)

John Reed's Progressive & Acoustic Compendium #61

Blues Moose Radio (Netherlands) 

Rock City Magazine Musical (Spain)

Offbeat Music Blog (Germany)

Banks Radio (Australia)

All Shook Up show on IO Radio (UK) 23/01/21  31/10/20   

Stone and Steel: Outlaws of Rock Podcast

The New Music Show GnetRadio (Guernsey)

Breakfast with Pete Rosendaal on 94.4 FM Salford City Radio

Bandana Blues (U.S.)  Episode #848 Unity Episode #850 New, Newer, Newest Episode #863  Do Not Play It Down

Hot & Cool, Durham OnAir (UK)

Radio Litchfield (UK)

Spit In My Face Podcast (U.S.) Episode #315

Smile Radio (U.K)

Colly D Radio Show (U.K) 27 07 20

Metal Rock Punk News (Brazil)

The Dave Sweetmore Show (U.K)

The Sleepy Feline's Playlist

106.8 Cumbernauld FM

The Slacker Shack: The Best New Music Volume 3 

That Buzzing Sound

Sunset Blues Radio

Charlie Mason Radio (U.S)

The Ringing Ear Podcast

Blues Depot Radio

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