'Let's Make a King:

"'Let's Make a King' might be one of the most compelling albums of 2020. Benjamin's songwriting, characterized by his brutal honesty, leaves nothing unsaid and when combined with superb musicianship, you get something truly special." Read full feature at:​ Folk Connection

"Let’s Make a King by Benjamin Adair Murphy is a very 2020 record, topic wise, mixed with the vocal delivery of Tom Waits singing songs that sound like they were penned by 1967 Bob Dylan." Read the full feature at: Blood Makes Noise

“…a wonderful new album” “…an album of an incredible density and syncretism” Le Village Pop

"Stupid Followed Evil is a really special song; combining the best of everything here, from the Hip-Hop melody through Zappa and Waits but distilling the very soul of Woody Guthrie in such a contemporary manner that will have them dancing in the aisle while raising a clenched fist in the air!" Read the full feature at: The Rocking Magpie

"In today's fast-paced world, many artists use their voices to shed light on what many people feel worried, questioned, puzzled, or even in the grip of a sense of incomprehension. This is what Benjamin Adair Murphy chose to do, through his latest Blues Rock album, "Let’s Make A King". A committed album." Read the full feature at: Alongside Nashville

“As soon as I heard 'Let's Make a King', I knew I had found what I was looking for.  The songs pack a punch and the lyrics draw you to the stories to be told.” The Warp Factor

"An amazing album." Colly D Radio Show

"Si tu aimes la Country et le Classic rock ! C'est pour toi!"  Direct Actu 

Ben's music has been featured on the following radio stations and podcasts:

The Folk Connection (Canada) Weekly Mix #16

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Bandana Blues (U.S)  Episode #848 Unity Episode #850 New, Newer, Newest

Smile Radio (U.K)

Colly D Radio Show (U.K) 27 07 20

Metal Rock Punk News (Brazil)

The Dave Sweetmore Show (U.K)

Sunset Blues Radio

Charlie Mason Radio (U.S)

The Ringing Ear Podcast

Offbeat Music Blog (Germany)

Banks Radio (Australia)

Blues Depot Radio


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