What is Murder?

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What is murder?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell

Sometimes it’s cold

Sometimes it burns like hell

Sometimes it comes down slow

Sometimes it comes down quick

Sometimes it’s best if you don’t know a goddamn thing about it

Sometimes its knocks so softy you can’t hear it at the door

Sometimes it screams so loud that it starts a war

What is murder?

Well you cannot always say

Sometimes they’re sorry

But it just had to be that way

Sometimes it comes up from below

When the talk gets slick

Sometimes it comes down from above from a policeman’s stick

Sometimes it takes a seat down in an empty chair

Sometimes it’s crawling up the walls

Sometimes it’s everywhere

Would you believe that that man he was a man who had a home?

And that man had a wife and that man and wife had a child

And now that child was just sitting around

Waiting for her daddy to just walk back through the door lift her high up off the ground

What is murder?

It just ain’t always clear

Sometimes its far away

Sometimes it’s way too near

Someday it might be me

Someday it might be you

Cause if they really done it just ain’t that hard to do

Sometimes it’s a secret that you take down to your grave

Sometimes it’s a flood that washes everything away

Music and lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy ASCAP 464341364 Watery Grave Music ASCAP 396517127

ASCAP work ID: 908965262

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