Upside Down (a spell for traversing the Land of the Dead)

The Museo Egizio in Torino has a collection with over 17,000 papyrus fragments. One papyrus has a spell to protect the deceased from walking upside down through the afterlife. Seemed like a useful spell to know...

Listen here:

Our city is on top of the hill But the beans are starting to spill And if I can hold this place where I stand I won’t walk upside down through this land

The branches are dripping with rain And our children are calling our names But if I can keep a steady hand I won’t walk upside down through this land I won’t walk upside down

Or stand with my legs leaning crooked Nor will I speak with my head in the sand

But the dust goes up to the sky And the numbers I’m counting don’t lie But if I can give some kind of damn I won’t walk upside down through this land I won’t walk upside down through this land

Music and lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy ASCAP (464341364). Published by Watery Grave Music ASCAP (396517127)

Recorded at on January 24, 2019 at La Bestia Studios in Mexico City

From La Bestia Demos, released April 26, 2019

Benjamin Adair Murphy - guitar, vocals

Juan Victor Belisario Figuera - bass, guitar, percussion, keyboards Allison Langerak - vocals Simone Reisman Saravia - keyboards

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