Only So Many Ways This Can End

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I’ve been leaving this house every morning I’ve been leaving this house all my life I’ve been drowning to death without warning While my children go under the knife

Sometimes the rain comes up to your middle Sometimes it comes up to your head You can cover your chest up with medals But there’s only so many ways this can end

I’m waiting for something to kick in I’m sleeping where I take a seat I’ve been drinking with pigs and with chickens While someone throws food at my feet

There’s a girl who’s sending me signals And I think that I could be her friend But you can’t take your foot off those pedals And there’s only so many ways that can end

I’m watching what’s crossing the border I’m looking for something not right I know that there’s nothing I ordered There’s nothing I need here tonight

Sometimes the sun gets bright in the morning And I fall asleep now and again I can’t do the work of a dozen white shirts There’s only so many ways this can end

From Benjamin Adair Murphy presents: "12 Bars of Blues", released June 16, 2018 Music and lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy (ASCAP) Benjamin Adair Murphy – vocals, guitar Francesco Conte – lead guitars, bass Andrew Mecoli – backing vocals Andrea Freda –drums, percussion

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