Moment to Lose (Music by Roike)

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Well the cards have been cursed And our band can’t rehearse The drummer can’t tell a four from a two And I know I lost my chance with you as soon as you arrived As soon as you saw how I was just A man without a moment, A man without a moment to lose

Now it’s easy to bet It’s easy to just forget And buy a brand new pair of shoes But you know it’s never easy to be satisfied and fun Not to jump the gun When you're a man without a moment, A man without a moment to lose

Sugar drips down from the mountain But it never drips down that far You can wish on a star or a fountain But you can’t wish away what you are

Some men fall in traps And they get a bum rap If they’re too easy to see through But sometimes it’s not so simple to be honest and brave Not hide your love away When you're a man without a moment, A man without a moment to lose

Music by Roy Gurel Lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy (ASCAP) Watery Grave Music

Produced by Roy Gurel

Mixed by Assaf Spector and Roy Gurel

Mastered by Brian Lucey Vocals by Roy Gurel Guitars and bass by Roy Gurel Piano by Yuval Semo Tuba by John F Wentz Drums and percussion by Assaf Spector

From Trouble Came, released August 28, 2019 released August 1, 2016

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