Love’s a pretty thing (don’t put it past you)

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Down the road a piece I met someone I knew She said love’s a pretty thing don’t you put it past you

We went walking down by the ridge Where the old folks stay and the shadows move love’s a pretty thing don’t you put it past you

All those nights crawling up the wall So many slips and so many falls from my bed

Some things should end but they don’t Sometimes you want to leave but you know you never won’t Just remember love’s a pretty thing don’t put it past you

I’m gonna meet you there one day God knows that’s what I do And you’ll say love’s a pretty thing don’t put it past you

Recorded at on January 24, 2019 at La Bestia Studios in Mexico City

From La Bestia Demos, released April 26, 2019

Benjamin Adair Murphy - guitar, vocals Juan Victor Belisario Figuera - bass, guitar, percussion, keyboards Allison Langerak - vocals

Music and lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy ASCAP (464341364). Published by Watery Grave Music ASCAP (396517127)

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