Let's Make a King

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Let’s make a king

Let’s make a king

Let’s tie our hands down to the tracks

Let’s make this world get flat

Let’s cut the tongues before they ever learn to sing

Let’s burn the homes to warm our hands

Plant our flags on foreign lands

Let’s leave the fingers and take the rings

Let’s make a king

Let’s make a king

We’ll keep one alive to tell the tale

Let’s lock the doors with nails

Let’s let the necks all snap and the bodies swing

Let’s turn from all we had before

Cause we’ve been promised so much more

And we can’t wait to see what this day brings

Let’s make a king

Let’s make a king

Let's shine a single beam of light

Shine it right up to the sky

Let's make a man into the law of the land

And raise him up on high

Let's praise our lord and our savior

Let's call the votes all in our favor

And anyway they never really meant a thing

Break the unions and choke the schools

Give the press a few hard rules

The birds will sing on on this bright and blessed spring

Let’s make a king

Let’s make a king

From Let's Make a King, released July 9, 2020

Produced by Roy Gurel

Benjamin Adair Murphy - vocals, electric guitar

Roy Gurel – acoustic & electric guitars, bass, percussion, vocals

Allison Langerak – vocals

Peter Hess - baritone saxophone

Juan Victor Belisario Figuera - bass

Simon Hernandez - drums, keyboards

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Roy Gurel at Roiki Productions in Brooklyn, NYC

Additional recording done in Mexico City at La Bestia Studios by Juan Victor Belisario Figuera

Horns recorded by Peter Hess at Fort Saint Marks, Brooklyn

Backing vocals recorded by Wyatt Tuzo and Allison Langerak in Brooklyn

Music by Benjamin Adair Murphy ASCAP (464341364) Watery Grave Music ASCAP (396517127) and Roy Gurel BMI (520647865)

Lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy

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