Killarny Glen

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Here's how this one came about... I always wanted to try to write a long, narrative, tragic balled. The name 'Killarny Glen' popped in my head out of nowhere one day a while back, and when I looked it up it turned out to be a swimming hole in Australia. The real Killarny Glen works well as a setting for a balled - it's a rock formation naturally shaped like a heart. It's also permanently closed now because a teenager drowned there a few years ago.

I wrote the song from the perspective of the young drowning victim. When I had the verses I sent this demo over to my friend Eric in Nashville to see if he knew

My heart is the shape of the summer

My heart is the shape of the wind

My heart is the shape of the birds above

The waters of Killarny Glen

I walked far away from the city

Where I stated I do not know when

But I walked without anyone with me

Down the road to Killarny Glen

My mother she won’t leave off me

She squawks like a mean old hen

So I could not wait to leave the house

And hurry to Killarny Glen

The lights make my eyes water

The sounds make my head spin

So I’m headed out in the summer

To the rocks of Killarny Glen

The birds are in their cages

And the pigs are in their pens

And I’m bound for the open skies above

The waters of Killarny Glen

I once knew a man who told

That the women there make you grin

They lie right there in the sunshine

On the rocks of Killarny Glen

The pack has a bottle of water

And some cigarettes and some gin

And I won’t need too much else

When I make it to Killarny Glen

I don’t dwell in the past

Or worry about what might have been

All I knew is what is before me

As I walk towards Killarny Glen

There’s nothing I need behind me

No I’m never going back there again

All I need are the things that I’ve got

By the waters of Killarny Glen

There’s air that rolls off the river

That’s not found in the world of men

And it lifts me up as I fall into

The waters of Killarny Glen

I look down into the water

And I count from one to ten

And I close my eyes and I feel

The waters of Killarny Glen

Now the days are long behind me

Maybe someone will pick up a pen

And write a song about my life

And the story of Killarny Glen

Music and lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy ASCAP (464341364) Watery Grave Music ASCAP (396517127)

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