How we doing on time?

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How are we doing on time?

Is there room for one more song?

Can we stay up here in the lights?

Or will management move us along?

We've been crying our hearts out to everyone here

We've been crying to everyone gone

And that's all well and fine

But how are we doing on time?

How are we doing on time? Is there time for one more kiss? Can we just stay in bed? Or have you made up a whole list? Of things to get done Or things to work out Like what's yours and what's mine?

There's so much to do But how are we doing on time? There's a cry in the distance

A break in the chain

There's a light that keeps blinking

for the fire brigade

There's a bridge that's washed out

But we blew right past all the signs

How are we doing on time?

Can we stay here until we grow old Can we stay under this roof Or has the whole house been sold All I want's for my child To have what I had  And to breathe underneath the blue skies But there's all of this weather

And how are we doing on time?

There's all of this weather

And how are we doing on time?

From Let's Make a King, released July 9, 2020

Produced by Roy Gurel

Benjamin Adair Murphy - vocals

Roy Gurel – acoustic & electric guitars, bass, piano, percussion, vocals

Gilber Gilmore - drums

Allison Langerak – vocals

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Roy Gurel at Roiki Productions in Brooklyn, NYC

Additional recording done in Mexico City at La Bestia Studios by Juan Victor Belisario Figuera

Backing vocals recorded by Wyatt Tuzo and Allison Langerak in Brooklyn

Music by Benjamin Adair Murphy ASCAP (464341364) Watery Grave Music ASCAP (396517127) and Roy Gurel BMI (520647865)

Lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy

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