Good Drying Day

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Come into the water come in with me pet We’ll stay till our clothing is all soaking wet Come into the water come into the waves Tomorrow will be a good drying day

We got drunk at noontime and stayed drunk till dawn There was plenty of laughing but all of it’s done You cried to me baby I can’t keep on this way And I hope I that tomorrow’s a good drying day

A good drying day and we’ll hang this all up A good drying day and the wind it will rush Cause you can’t get your clothes clean and lord knows we’ve tried With this kind of weather outside

There are clouds rolling over looks like it might pour There are leaves in the drainpipe we’ve been here before It looks like my baby we’ll just have to wait Cause this doesn’t look like a good drying day

From The Blue Eighty Eights Live at the Stinger (03​.​13​.​03), released July 2, 2019

From The Blue Eighty Eights, released January 1, 2003 Benjamin Adair Murphy- guitar/ vocals Derek Nievergelt - bass Allison Langerak- lead vocals Roy Gurel - lead guitar

Music and lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy ASCAP (464341364). Published by Watery Grave Music ASCAP (396517127)

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