Berries on the Rowan (Mustard)

I moved to NYC in 2001 and wrote Mustard, a musical about Fritz Haber, the German inventor of Mustard Gas. I was aiming for a Weill/Brecht production, and we even found a German vocalist who sang just like Lotte Lenya. It was a great cast, and we did a staged reading with a full band at a theater on 42nd St. The World Inferno Friendship Society were heavily involved in this show. Franz Nicolay was the musical director. Jack Terricloth played a German Officer. Semra Ercin played a big part. Peter Hess and Maura Corrigan were the horn section. It should've been huge, instead you're hearing about it for the first time right here...

I lost the recording of our one live performance, and all that's left are a few home recordings we did before the reading...

Listen here:

Berries on the Rowan

Are so lovely to see

Growing up out of the mud

In front of you and me

Berries on the Rowan

Are such a lovely sight

Make me forget

That you're leaving her tonight

Berries on the Rowan

Have such a lovely smell

Make me forget

That today we say farewell

From Mustard, released August 12, 2019

Vocals - Noga Ariel

Guitar - Benjamin Adair Murphy

Music and lyrics by Benjamin Adair Murphy ASCAP (464341364). Published by Watery Grave Music ASCAP (396517127)

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